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hey guys what’s up my name is Michael in this video I’m going to be showing you how to use Google Adwords and especially how to use Google AdWords to promote your YouTube videos to get more views like subscribers and stuff like this alright so we’re in the in a by the way I will not go through like how to create an account and all of this stuff I kind of assume that you already know that or you already created an account which is pretty pretty damn easy to do so so we’re right here in the actual Google AdWords dashboard right here and we’re in the campaign section so basically that’s a section where you see all of your campaigns and stuff like this that you’re running at the moment and efficacy right here we’ve got a few campaigns running just to explain this a little bit you can see the budget like how much money you want to spend per day on a video ad and you see the actual stashes if the if the ad is running or if it’s paused and you can see how many impressions you got how many actual views is generated for you what the actual view rate is meaning how many of these actual people who saw this ad actually future video and then you can actually see how much money you’re paying per view and for one of my best ads right here I’m actually running it paying 4 cents per view right here and so far this week I generate 1455 targeted views and you can also click on the ad just to see the actual statistics and you can actually see how many views you got every single day and yeah so right now I’m getting into how to actually do this stuff and actually you guys know that I bake with YouTube SEO YouTube ranking and stuff like this so I’m getting so much traffic organically just by putting pushing my videos to the top right here but I thought why not try out Google adverts and just push it a little bit more see what’s happening and you guys know search traffic it’s the best traffic that’s out there right that’s why SEO and all of the stuff is so big so why not actually create or try to promote these videos that I already have using some ads and getting a few hundred more or two thousand more views every single day just by doing that right so for example I for this example I will take one of my YouTube ranking videos and actually this ad right here is running for this for this actual video right so and it’s already ranked pretty high how to I’m sorry how to bring videos on YouTube is that and it’s ranked first decision right here but of course I want more views and stuff so that’s why I’m creating ads for this right and by the way if you’re wondering right now why is he explaining like this whole stuffers YouTube I want to learn for Google it’s basically the same thing in the end just it’s just with the website it’s a little bit different but I mean it’s not too complicated it’s the same thing basically it’s also keyword targeted and stuff like this so what you want to do is if once if you want to create a new ad you will simply go back to the actual dashboard now we’ll go we go through all the stuff with you guys right now it’s pretty easy don’t be scared because I always used to be like PPC but I want it I don’t want to do it is I’m going to ask the old guy I just keep doing SEO I don’t need PPC but it’s really effective and its really great right and I will show you some resource results real quick so here you can see campaign plus campaign and of course that means you create a campaign and in order to promote a YouTube video of course you have to choose video right here right so you choose video and then you simply give it a name alright um campaign name you give it a contain so for example if I wanted to call if I want to promote this video I would say ranking video so I know what it is right and I will explain it able to do that right now but I will explain what that means soon and I would call it in search because that’s what I’m doing in search and yeah so and then I would also kind of like say just to kitten to differentiated and in the panel and stuff what I what I will promote it with like will I do keyword based will it be placements in this case I will do keywords and the next thing you have to choose or you can choose is do you want it you just want to do the standard thing driving use a vernier governess conversions and stuff if you want to have mobile app installs which most likely will not be the case if you’re watching this video and also shop and most likely will not be the case so what you then can decide is do you want to use entry more video discovery ads or bumper ads so in my case that would be entry more video discovery ads video discovery basically is what I will explain real quick is actually the YouTube search right here so then you want to decide what kind of budget per day you want to choose I always start with 10 bucks per day actually because euro right here but it’s basically I mean yet you can choose 10 bucks doesn’t matter so some people start with 5 bucks but I just use 10 bucks okay so the network um in this case so I will explain to you what that stuff means right in what really matters to you right here YouTube search means that your video pops up right here for example how to make money how to make money okay yeah that’s that’s right here that’s an insert and right so it pops up in the actual search so another and maybe I’m lucky if I can show you this no I’m not so the video actually sucks but you guys know these five-second ads that come before the actual video starts that you cannot actually skip for five seconds that would be YouTube videos right so you actually show your ad in the actual video once before the actual video starts right so then locations of course is pretty single United States right here United States or United Kingdom or whatever you want to target it’s pretty basic right here then English yes of course and then you could also do some advanced stuff like ad delivery for example this basically says that a limit how many times your ad appears to the same users every day so you could say like that if you put on one view per day for example here that means that the you only like if you have one user the user doesn’t see it like two times even if he types in the same thing again he won’t see it two times so that’s kind of like if you don’t want to annoy the shit out of your users I was here target audience could be one thing you could do but also it’s better if people see it more than one time because just out of a marketing kind of thinking kind of prospective that’s better thing to to have because people just don’t care about stuff they only see one time and one time only so most of the time I’m just keeping it like this I don’t take like a starter and data just started right away then phase and continue and then there comes to real stuff basically where you actually add your video to the campaign right here and as I said in this example I want to use my ranking video it doesn’t matter what kind of video you use it will be same thing for all kinds of videos and so we make sure to copy this link simply put it in here and then you can choose what kind of video you want to how you want it to be delivered to you audience and of course we said we want to do in search stuff right so we put it right here so and then you will actually see a preview of how your ad will look like right so and for example there’s also the in-stream option that that was as I said this you can see this looks familiar right you can see that this is the ad the kind of annoying little ad that comes before the videos I could also do that but maybe I will make another video but it’s basically the same thing so I mean it’s pretty easy to do so video discovery ad and then of course it would simply put a headline like how to make money on YouTube or how to or what how to rank YouTube videos how to rank YouTube videos okay make sure that it’s a catchy one some something that’s really basically if you do keyword advertise stuff making that the headline the title of this ad basically represents what the user typed in so I will show you this real quick how to use the keywords keyword targeting tool but most likely if a person sees this ad right here he will type in something like how to make money on YouTube how to rank YouTube videos how to do YouTube SEO and so make it so the person will actually feel a connection right away and will like the video so you’re kind of your click-through rate actually goes up then you just say learn how to do YouTube SEO start today and I was going to waste too much time with the start today okay and then you can start you can actually decide what you want to once they click on the video what they should see should they see my channel page meaning your actual channel when they click on the link what a lot of people do but I don’t do it I actually let them view the actual video that they click on so in my case with this ad I click here the video watch page on YouTube and I if they click on the ad they will actually see this particular video right here right so now they’re probably comes the only tricky part and that’s the part that kind of will decide if you if your ads going to be successful or not right this is actual the actual targeting like how do you target people and you have a few options right here by the way I will not skip the bidding part I will actually come to that later on in a few minutes so targeting ah you can you basically on adverts Google advertisers to target people right you can target M keyword based which means you get highly targeted search traffic you can use placements which means for example you show your video or you place your video video ad on other channels like for example if you have a related channel in your niche you will show you Google will actually make sure that your video will be shown on this channel before his actual videos start right it is perfect for in-stream stuff and you can also choose the actual video URLs where you want to actually place it ad on so you can also use remarketing for example you can you can target all the people who have already saw who’ve already seen videos of yours before in my case it would be like 160 thousand people so far actually there’s millions of people but I just started doing this a few weeks ago so it’s just gathered 150,000 so far so I could do that and for example if you’re watching this video right now and I created a new ad and you would watch the other video you would actually see this app because you’ve already seen my video right here then the thing we do are saying the next thing is also topics you can make a topic base like for example I sure if it’s about sports or something you can show it to people or watch it watching videos about sports right it’s pretty simple so the most effective thing though when it comes to insert stuff is of course the keyword targeting right because you’re getting people who are actually searching for something right so in this case I would say how to rank YouTube videos how to do you to SEO and there’s a little trick you can do or you can use to actually find out some nice keywords a new sneak you can just start typing them into the actual YouTube search bar how to rank YouTube videos fast and that’s these are basically the keywords that people are searching for the most it’s pretty straightforward pretty simple on YouTube not like Google with the keywords planner and stuff that’s basically how you do it right how to do YouTube I just do this real quick so to show you guys YouTube SEO blah blah blah and I hope it’s enough because you need a specific amount of keywords to actually get a get an audience right here because not too many people are searching that much stuff or I mean it depends on how many people actually are searching for specific keyword every day and then you basically do the bidding right and you always start right here you always start typing in one sink right and then you just check it out right you just see how many views you can get if you type in one cent so in this case it would be I could get around 800 to 900 views which per week would be 5k or 6k views right so now I try a different approach I type in two right so what happens is right here you can see it actually goes up right oh no it did it go down or up I’m retarded racism I cook it went down actually so I can see in this case one send would be better than if I go for the more expensive one which is two cents right so if I try three cents right here it goes down so the most lucrative one right here for me would be one cent right so that’s what I would do and right now I would simply save it and then I would wait up to like a few hours 24 hours for average to approve the ad or sometimes they don’t approve it you will probably notice this but once they approved it it will actually start generating views right and sometimes it happens that after a while Edwards tells you to kind of like that you could reach more views if you increase this bit right here and they will give you the option to actually automatically increase it if you want to and you can do that of course I mean if you want more views and stuff so this is just basic AdWords tutorial let me know if you want to go more in depth with this kind of stuff you know because I’m really about this of right now doing it really hard yeah that’s basically for Adwords YouTube marketing I will probably make another video about in-stream stuff but yeah that’s basically it I hope you liked the video be sure to subscribe and like and feel

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